Supercharge Your Sports Event, Week or Season.

Our industry leading tools allow you to set up flexible video subscriptions and ticketed / pay per view access to broadcast-quality live streams. InPlayer’s seamless process from A to Z made our lives easy, cut the learning curve and saved us tons in man hours….not to mention the unbeatable support service.

Step Up Your Game with Fan-Driven Offerings.

  • Tailor your packages and subscription tiers with access and payments options your fans prefer.
  • Offer fans flexible prices and options that fit their budget and needs: Season Pass, VIP Access, Family Package, Highlights Pay-Per-View, Donation, Gift Pass.

Sports Streaming Engagement, Conversion & Scaling.

Built for revenue optimization, InPlayer’s pay-per-view sports streaming and subscription solutions enable leagues, federations, clubs and tournaments to boost fan engagement and drive significant digital revenues.

Gain Control & Ownership.

  • Easily set up your online live sporting events for free and sell your premium content directly to your fans, followers or users.
  • You decide on your ticket pricing, payment methods, promotional voucher and geo/age/domain restriction strategies and take home more revenue.
  • Collect and own your fans’ data.

Syndicate & Monetize Live or On-Demand Streams.

Boost your audience reach through affiliates, sponsors,  leagues, clubs federations or partners and drive significant  new revenue streams.

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